About us

A successful team
beats with one heart

Vrundavan Vastu Pvt. Ltd.’s mission is to provide excellence in every aspect of real estate ownership and reach to everyone who needs a house to live in or a space to perform at a fair and competitive rates thus providing value for money for its clients. With 15 years of experience in the real estate industry, Vrundavan Vastu Pvt. Ltd. will do this in a manner consistent with the highest level of commitment, integrity, transparency and safety standards seeking always to maximize the wealth for its stake holders and contribute substantially to the society and community in which we co-exist. Vrundavan Vastu Pvt. Ltd. aims to nurture, groom and develop its employees at all levels personally and professionally so that they excel in all fields and turn out to be good citizens as well as brand ambassadors.

Vrundavan Vastu Pvt. Ltd.’s existence and business rests on its commitment to product innovation, excellence, customer satisfaction delight and conducting its business with highest standards of ethics, transparency, adherence to the law and doing what is right.